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Life is full of dreams. They drift to us from unknown depths to tantalize and thrill. Once in a while they hold us in their clutches and drive us on as if searching for the source of some siren song as we sail through our days. An eerie melody that sticks in our minds and plays over and over until it finds its full prose.


A great friend of ours had a dream of an annual gaming event spectacular. One held on the most hallowed of eves and meant to be an experience our close group of friends would share forever. Something more than the standard D&D fare we all had come to love. No... this would be a haunting and interactive experience with props and madness and mystery and storytelling which would inspire. Our Halloween game was born and it did inspire.

Years later, as our group grew and shifted, that melody changed too. It became a chant. A chorus for something bigger. Something bolder. Something downright scary! We wanted as many people as possible to share in our fantastic fun. A convention with monsters and movies. A convention with games and grandeur. We want fire breathers, zombie marching bands, a game of Dread with Stephen King, maddening movies that make you yell "don't open that door!" Haunted houses you have to puzzle out an escape, pandemonium and partying. The song goes on and on. 

In 2020 this apparition will manifest and you are invited to sing with us. To chant her name and call her forth. Our mistress of the deep. the sultry and maddening whisper which must be heard to be known. Join us in making it a scream and come see what Mrs Kraken Presents.... when she presents all things horror and gaming in the convention event of a lifetime... and perhaps eons and eons beyond.


Join Us! Let's get some game on, here's where you can find us!

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